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There are billions of dollars of untapped opportunities in decentralized finance, and trillions of dollars of assets are candidates to be digitized and tokenized on blockchain

We give our customers the technology & solution to profit from them

For Consumers

Do more with your money.

Friendly Service.
For individual consumers that want to explore and benefit from the opportunities in the blockchain world, Coinmama is a trusted and friendly service to globally onboard to the crypto market








For Institutions

Invest in crypto assets and digital gold

Regulated Custody.

For institutional and accredited  investors that consider onchain investment opportunities, Wellfield Capital provide access to a range of opportunities in addition to regulated Custody for ultimate safety.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide

Wellfield Solutions, Powered by

Our Unique Platforms

Onboarding customers globally at scale Coinmama

Tokenization of real world assets 
& silver first) VaultChain

Leverage and optimize liquidity in DEXs pools for DeFi services
- LiquiFy

Public trustee and qualified custodian
Brane Trust

Our story

Wellfield Technologies was founded in November 2021 through the merger of two ventures. The founding team of Wellfield brings to the company extensive business and technology experience in blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). Wellfields vision is to utilize blockchain technology to deliver innovative digital asset solutions.

Wellfield’s solutions cover the following areas:

Wellfield Technologies meets the diverse needs of individuals seeking accessible crypto services and professional or institutional investors requiring advanced onchain solutions with the comfort of regulated custody services.

Wellfield: Capturing the Potential in Decentralized Finance

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